Maurice Levis

Fisherman On The Riverbank, 1888

Oil in canvas, 12.25″ x 15.5″


Arseny Meshchersky

On the River

Unknown, 19th Century

Unknown, 19th Century

Still life with Chinese vase
oil on panel

Rekunenko Valentin V.

This whimsical painting by Ukranian artist Rekunenko Valentin V. is my favourite among many beautiful paintings in this gallery. The page is in Russian, but I’m sure Chrome will translate it for you.

Umbrellas, 1955

Oil on canvas.

Paul Wright

These boots remind me of home.

The job which is more than a job.

The colleagues who are like family.

The place where I wanna be, more than anything else right now.

Soon.. I hope.

Studio Boots,

visit Paul Wright’s gallery here. 

Angelica Privalihin


Oil on Canvas, 60 x 50cm

Laura Fantini

Visit her website here.. She has some amazing drawings there.

Similar Features 8.

40x28in. – colored pencil on illustration board

Jacob Collins

Green Onions, 2004

Oil on canvas, 14″ x 20″

Tschang-Yeul Kim

Waterdrops, 1979

Cleb Goloubetski

This man is amazing. He is Russian and comes from a family of artists. Go see his work here.


39″ x 31″, giclee on canvas

Deep Silence of Venice,

39″ x 54″, Giclee on canvas