Arseny Meshchersky

On the River


Angelica Privalihin


Oil on Canvas, 60 x 50cm

Cleb Goloubetski

This man is amazing. He is Russian and comes from a family of artists. Go see his work here.


39″ x 31″, giclee on canvas

Deep Silence of Venice,

39″ x 54″, Giclee on canvas

Maria Bashkirtseva

Maria Bashkirtseff was a Ukranian born artist, sculptor and diarist.

Autumn, 1883

Oil on canvas

Nikolay Nikanorovich Dubovskoy

Silence , 1890

Oil on canvas, 30.1 × 50.4 in.

Isaac Ilyich Levitan

Isaac Levitan (1860-1900 ) was a Russian landscape painter who advanced in the ‘mood landscape’ genre.

Evening Bells, 1892