Unknown, 19th Century

Unknown, 19th Century

Still life with Chinese vase
oil on panel


Brian Davies

These grapes have been on my mind for a while. I want/need to own this painting. It’s worth £2,200 and available for sale here.  Wish I had that much money to spare.

Some more work by Brian Davies here. Check it out.


Oil on Canvas, 8″ x 8″

Angelica Privalihin


Oil on Canvas, 60 x 50cm

Laura Fantini

Visit her website here.. She has some amazing drawings there.

Similar Features 8.

40x28in. – colored pencil on illustration board

Jacob Collins

Green Onions, 2004

Oil on canvas, 14″ x 20″


Jeffrey T.Larson is an American artist. I love his still lifes. They are almost hyperrealistic without looking like photographs. Visit his website here. You will not be disappointed.

Oil On Panel
8 x 10